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Expert opinions on SCT questions

August 4th, 2011 at 06:08

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Script Concordance Test (SCT) questions assess reasoning skills in uncertain clinical situations. They present information about a case with details of initial reasoning (hypothesis, selected treatment etc) followed by new information. The student is then asked to what extent the new information supports the initial reasoning.

These questions do not have correct or incorrect answers in the same way as other question types.  Marks are allocated depending on the proportion of experts that agree with the student selected option.  Before the paper is made available to students, each SCT question on the paper is answered by a number of selected ‘experts’. TouchStone then calculates the number of experts that selected each option and sets a mark of 1 for the most frequently selected option. A fractional mark is then allocated to each option that has been selected by a smaller number of experts.

Experts do not need to have a TouchStone account to submit their answers to each SCT question but need to be given the paper URL with a username and paper set password.  The number of experts that should give their opinions for each SCT question is 10-20.

Further information is available in the TouchStone help (TouchStone login required):

Script Concordance Test (SCT)

Experts for SCT questions

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