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Supporting your academic career with social media

July 21st, 2011 at 09:07

academic careerI’ve just been reading a couple of blog posts that got me thinking about how social media can support one’s career. The points made are as valid for those of us managing careers within Universities as in any other career. Indeed, in this economic climate we can do with as much help as possible with doing our jobs efficiently and managing our careers.

Lynda Gratton talks about The 10 ways to Future Proof your Career. She recommends “Find your posse”, with advice to reach out to like-minded people to help gather useful skills and knowledge. The quicker it is possible to reach that “posse” the better and there’s no doubt that having this network available online in a forum, a blog network or on Twitter is a huge advantage and well worth cultivating. I remember a mailing list being a life saver early in my career when checking facts (given to me to present) with more experienced peers saved me from making a fool of myself to important managers.

Gratton also talks about “Build the Big Ideas Crowd” – the importance of getting ideas from all sorts of people, not necessarily the ones who are similar, to allow yourself to be inspired across domains and subject areas Again, forums, Twitter and other social media are a great help: especially if you find out who others recommend as worth following or reading and then dip in to what they’re saying, even if only occasionally.  It can be surprising what odd places an idea can come from and yet set off a lightbulb in your own head.

Michele Martin develops these themes in her post Future Proofing Your Career and adds a recommendation to  “Keep Learning” because “lifelong learning is critical to future proofing your career. It is the learners who are going to rule the world because they will be in the best position to see trends and find opportunities in those trends.”  How can one help but agree?

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