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Five minutes with … Linda Zhang

June 16th, 2011 at 05:06

China campus1. What three words describe you?

Patient, quick learner, enthusiastic

2. What’s your job role?

I am the group leader of the e-Learning Team at Information Services in The University of Nottingham’s Ningbo, China, campus (UNNC). We co-operate closely with colleagues at UoN UK and UNMC (Malaysia). As well as supporting the VLE (WebCT and Nexus), we are involved in a lot of electronic resources support for the local users. The good thing about working on the China campus is that you can know every member of staff if you wish. That makes it easy for contacting people. The campus is not too tiny but much smaller than the one at UoN UK. On the China campus, almost every Chinese member of staff has an English name: none of the foreign staff uses their Chinese name in work. It is interesting… In my view, life on the China Campus is peaceful and enjoyable.

3. Tell us something ‘unusual’ about yourself

Normally, I get things done accurately in detail. But, once – it only has happened once in my life until now– I booked flight tickets with the wrong date. We didn’t find out until we checked in at the airport. As a result, we had to pay for the extra fee to get on the correct flight …

4. What excites you most about learning technology?

It’s been developed so fast! Since I started working in the e-learning team, it seems I have learnt a lot. It is unbelievable for a person like me! The technology connects people anywhere in the world. Back to learning technology – how exciting is it when accessing the University of Nottingham on Second Life? Amazing!

5. Your top tip(s)?

When dealing with users’ enquiries, don’t give the answer before you get the whole picture.

6. What do you think will be the most important thing in learning technology at the University of  Nottingham in 2011/12?

Moodle will be coming…

7. What have you learned recently?

I have learnt there is a UNNC official micro-blog, at http://weibo.com/unncweibo. It is the same as Twitter in the West but in Chinese only.

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