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Editing restrictions on live and locked TouchStone papers

May 17th, 2011 at 03:05

When a Formative paper is ‘live’ as set by the ‘Available From’ and ‘To’ dates, there are some restrictions set by TouchStone:

  • You can’t change the question order
  • You can’t change the screen number for a question
  • You can’t remove questions from the paper

What to do If you are still working on the paper and students have not yet been given the URL link, you can change the availability to a future date when you want to give students access, then make the required changes.


A Summative paper automatically locks when the ‘Available From’ date/time is reached.

What does this mean?

No changes can be made to the paper or questions when the paper has been locked by TouchStone.

Why is this done?

This quality assurance mechanism has two important roles:

  1. Stops changes being made during an exam
  2. Keeps an accurate record of the paper as sat by the students

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