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How do exams start in TouchStone?

May 4th, 2011 at 08:05

TouchStone exams run through the ‘Exam Desktop’ which prevents students from accessing applications other than their TouchStone exam. There is a standard exam login that all students use to access the ‘Exam Desktop’ and this is followed by a second login where students use their normal University username and password. TouchStone will then find the exam that is set for the location and time of the student login and that matches a module that the students is enrolled on. A start screen for the exam is displayed but students are asked not to start until a verbal announcement is given to select Start.

Exam start screen

If a student is unable to access the exam a temporary account can be created to allow the student to complete the exam and their results are assigned to them after the exam has finished.

For more information about starting exams see: https://touchstone.nottingham.ac.uk/touchstone/staff_help/index.php?id=183  (TouchStone login required)

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