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Advent Calendar Day #18: More Tips and tricks in Turnitin

December 18th, 2010 at 11:12

Turnitin is a tool which the University of Nottingham and other universities use to help students learn about plagiarism and to detect plagiarism when it does occur.  Turnitin is a separate website not hosted by the University but by a separate service. Errors while working in Turnitin are usually due to the Turnitin system itself and there’s nothing we can do on the Nottingham end apart from reporting major errors. As it is used by many other institutions, Turnitin can get very busy at the ends of terms and semesters.

  •  Students often don’t realize that they can get only one originality report in 24 hours – so it’s worth explicitly saying that although they can submit several times a day, they can only have the one report.
  •  It’s not a good idea to move a Turnitin assignment from one course to another (because of the way Turnitin connects with WebCT) so if your course has been cross-linked with another or if you have used one course as a template for another, then you should recreate the Turnitin assignments from scratch.
  • If you use Roster Sync it applies to the whole class. ALL assignments in the module will be updated to match the current class list, not just the assignment in which you click Roster Sync.

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