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Advent Calendar Day #16: Prezi Tips

3 December 16th, 2010 at 09:12

If you’d like to break out from using PowerPoint for a change, why not try Prezi? It’s not difficult to learn and can be used to create an impressive dynamic presentation.  One tip from experience - don’t do too much of the zooming and rotation or your audience will complain of sea-sickness!  Here’s an example from James Geary –  a TED talk (see our Advent Calendar Day 10) – on Mixing Mind and Metaphor.

  1. I would love to use it, but who will pay the subscription?

    Posted by S Clark
  2. The free version of Prezi is fine for most purposes.
    You can create show and share prezis at Prezi.com and download them to view/demo offline.
    With the free version you can’t make them private offline (download them and upload them somewhere else instead) and have a limited space to store the prezis online.

    Posted by H Whitehead

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